Baseballer-turned-exterior decorator 'left customers living in rubble'


A few customers of a Sydney greens keeper and ex-US baseball player guarantee he abandoned them living in rubble subsequent to taking installments by and large worth many thousands and not finishing the work.

Darian Lindsay used to play small time baseball for the New York Mets – notwithstanding showing up on baseball cards.

In any case, now, clients Mirna, David and Kim, and Rasik, say he's let them well enough alone for pocket.

Mirna was building a house and said she had paid $28,880 yet negligible work had been completed 14 months after the fact.

She said a meeting by Fair Trading arranged Mr Lindsay to have the solid poured by June 1.

"He just declined to take every necessary step that he should," she disclosed to A Current Affair.

David and Kim said they had paid Mr Lindsay $13,600 for arranging take a shot at their new home.

David said Mr Lindsay's statement had been extremely proficient - with isolated statements for each area of work.

Notwithstanding, on August 29, David said Mr Lindsay disclosed to them his dad had passed on and he would be uncontactable for about fourteen days.

"I felt frustrated about him," David said.

"So we answered and gave him our sensitivity."

Be that as it may, different clients had recently gotten a similar message.

Mr Lindsay made a similar case about his dad's passing on April 24, and on February 23.

Rasik, who got the February note, asserted Mr Lindsay took the agreement for his activity in September 2017 and that he said the activity would be done in three weeks.

He said he paid Mr Lindsay in regards to $12,000.

Mr Lindsey is additionally blamed for taking $70,000 for work on another property, the proprietor of which was excessively upset, making it impossible to show up on camera for A Current Affair.

A Current Affair followed Mr Lindsay down to a pre-season ball game.

He asserted a few clients had likewise "slugged" him, and it was a "savage circle".

"I have been ripped off a huge number of dollars also, with the goal that's the manner in which it disintegrates," he said.

He declined to remark further, saying the issue was with the outlets.

A Current Affair likewise offered Mr Lindsay the chance to react in keeping in touch with the cases by his clients, yet had not gotten any reaction at the season of production.